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7 Habits in 7 Weeks...........

Seven is the number of perfection. God rested on the seventh day, Paul lists seven gifts of the Spirit and Jesus spoke seven utterances from the cross. The number seven is especially prominent in the Book of Revelation, in which there are seven seals, seven churches and many other things numbering seven. 

And, its also a known fact that a habit can be made or broken in seven weeks.  My pastor mentioned this little trivia fact this past Sunday during his sermon, and it got me thinking.  If a habit could be made or broken in seven (7) weeks, then what if I worked diliegently on 7 new habits for the next 7 weeks to get myself and my health back on track. 

Now, its no surprise to anyone reading my blog this year that my work life has been under tremendous pressure and stress.  And, with the pressure and all the unknowns, I let my health go out the window.  After a devastating trip to the doctor in May, he gave me six (6) months to get my health back together or I was going to be in a heap of trouble.  

And, since we turned in our proposal for our contract, and life is kind-of getting back to normal,  I believe this is a good time to really get serious about my health.  And, since I loved to be organized and have a plan for everything, I thought this would be a good time to reveal 7 Habits in 7 Weeks!!

And, to keep myself accountable, I thought I would share my 7 Habits Journey on here, and update each week.  

Habit #1 - Spend time each morning with God.  Morning Devotion, Bible Study, Worship, Prayer, etc.  The habit I am trying to make is getting up early to spend time with the Lord and gain discernment and peace for the day ahead. 

Habit #2 - Workout each morning.  Spend 30 minutes doing cardio, weights, stretching, yoga, etc. The habit I am trying to make is getting up early to workout, which will improve my health, my energy and activitiy leve. 

Habit #3 - Write Down EVERYTHING I eat.  If I bite it, I write it. 
The habit I am trying to make is become aware of EVERYTHING I eat.  The first two weeks I want to just track what I eat, followed by a couple of weeks of tracking calories and making edits as needed to get down to a 1,200-1,500 calories a day diet. 

Habit #4 - Sleep 7-9 Hours a Night.  
The habit I am trying to make is to get ample sleep for my busy and hectic days.  

Habit #5 - Take Vitamins and Medicine as directed. 
The habit I am trying to make is become conscious to take my medicine as directed, because often I will go days without taking anything.  

Habit #6 - Spend Time Each Night Planning for the Next Day
The habit I am trying to make is prepare for everything that is coming the next day.  This includes planning my meals and food, my work to-do list, organizing emails both personal and business, picking up the house, and even taking time to study ways to improve my organizational skills and eating/exercising habits. 

Habit #7 - Say no to Fast Food & Caloric Drinks
This habit is very specific, and even though I don't eat Fast Foods too often, I feel that they are determinant to my goal of getting healthy.  As is drinking my calories.  Over the next few weeks, I plan to stop cold in eating any food from a fast food restaurant or drinking regular sodas or teas. 

My journey to developing 7 new habits begins today.

Wish me luck, and let me know if there are any new habits you are working on?

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