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Goals for the Week..............

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I don't know if its normal, yet when I take a few days off, I am always analyzing my life and making goals on how to improve it.  I ran across a blog this week, Sarah Mae, that made me smile with delight to see a gal who seems to do them same thing.

After reading through the blog, I decided to share with you a few of my goals this week:


  • Complete the daily homework for the Nehemiah Bible Study everyday this week. 
  • Track Everything I Eat (Love the App. LOSE IT)
  • Eat 1500 Calories per day, and begin to monitor carbs. 
  • Say no to candy and sweets Monday-Friday
  • No Eating after 7:30 p.m.   
  • Drink coffee black - I need to give up the sugary creamers, so this is the first step.  
  • Get up at 5:30 a.m. Monday - Friday - This will ensure I get my bible devotion time, workout, and still have plenty of time to get ready. 
  • Exercise 20 Minutes Every Morning
  • Spend 30 Minutes in Prayer Every Morning
  • Sleep 7-8 hours per night


  • Prepare dinner for my hubby. 
  • Complete Marriage Bible Study on Wednesday with Small Group

  • Send cards to my parents and my cousin for her B-Day

My Home:
  • Laundry - Do All Laundry by Friday Night 
  • Clean House (Dust, Vacuum, Bathrooms, etc.)  by Friday Night (So I can enjoy the weekend)
  • Water Ferns Twice A Day 

  • Get my work to-do list cut in half 
  • Blog everyday (Monday - Friday)
  • Plan for next week's blogs (Cardigan Chic and Church Blog)

My Best Friend's Wedding:
  • Pick up Party Supplies for Girls Night Out 
  • Decide on shoes for the Wedding Day
  • Pick up wedding gift 
  • Self Tanner - Begin Applying Every Day
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I'll post an update next Sunday.........

Have a great week!!

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