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No Where To Go! No Where to Be!

Hello!!!  I can't believe its been 12 days since my last post. I truly needed a break, and actually took several days and headed to the beach with my sweetie.  We had an incredible time just sleeping, relaxing under our cabana, and eating great seafood.  I actually turned OFF my emails on my phone, only checking a couple of times, and it was nice to just to relax, read, and do nothing.  I truly had No Where To Go! No Where to Be!  

And, since nothing was going on, I had time to finish several books:

Decision Points by President Bush - I bought this book on my Kindle a year or so ago; however, I just got around to finishing it, and it was AMAZING.  What an incredible account from the President's viewpoint on how major events such as 9/11, Katrina, Financial Crisis, Social Security Reform,and other big events that took place in our country.  President Bush is one of my favorite ALL TIME FAVORITE Presidents, and I know history will prove itself over time to show that legacy he laid for our country.

The Fame Game - This is Definitely my Guilty Pleasure.  Its a "Teen" book, but I have the prior three books in this series, and I was excited to find out last week that Conrad's new book hit shelves the week before we hit the sand. The book didn't disappoint, and I read it in a day and half.

50 Shades of Gray - OH MY.  EVERYONE is talking about this book, and saying its a MUST READ for the beach.  My friend Laney bought the first book for me before I left for the beach, and I was excited to get into this book.  Well I have to say, that half way through the book, I had to put it down.  Its very risque and a little tooo much for this gal.

And, of course I caught up on my magazine reading too: InStyle, Shape, O Magazine, Cosmo, and Vanity Fair (which is like reading 50 short stories.  The writing in VF is outstanding.)

So, what can I take away from my Week Long Vacay: 

1. I need rest.  I stay On-The-Go ALL the the time, and even at home I am constantly cleaning, laundry, picking up, or even working on work projects.  I realized that I have to start getting into a morning and night routine to help me establish some balance and make sleep a BIG priority!

2. I need to Walk More - I truly enjoyed our daily walks on the beach, and walking around and shopping after dinner.  It allowed me time to chat with my hubby, and get a little exercise in at the same time.

3. I need to start practicing yoga again.  Its such a calming exercise, and my heart would appreciate me so much more.

4. I need to take 24-36 hours each weekend to UNPLUG.  No IPHONE, COMPUTER, EMAILS, etc.  To become media free for a few hours to recharge!!  I plan to start this next weekend......details to come.
This past week was GREAT, and I am so thankful that I had the time to unwind and enjoy the quiet side of life. 

This Was My Theme Song Last Week..........LOL! 

And, now I am ready to take on the week, and look forward to all the week has to offer!!  And, speaking of exciting, tonight is the MET GALA!!  I am so excited.  Its the ULTIMATE FASHION event with all the coutour, oh the coutour!!  It just makes me excited just thinking about all the fashion.

And, check out the live feed - 

OR Visit - The livestream will be available on,, and

 To get you ready for the big event in just a few days, here is a look at what happened during last year’s gala, including the special musical performance with Florence + The Machine.

This year, for the first time in history, the red carpet at this year’s Costume Institute Gala at the Met will be broadcast live online from 6:30 to 8:30 pm on Monday, May 7th. The event, which will be hosted by Elettra Wiedemann and Vogue’s William Norwich, will give you an inside look at the party of the year as well as on-the-scene interviews with celebrities from the worlds of fashion, film, sports, business, and society—so don’t forget to put it on your calendar and, for up-to-the-minute updates in the lead up, follow @voguemagazine on Twitter (#MetGala).

A highlight of my favorites will take place later this week!  So excited.  Perfect way to kick off the week!!

Have a blessed week!! 

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