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Wonderful, Wonderful Weekend

Ahhh!!  This past weekend was simply the BEST!!  Two complete days of leaving my IPHONE next to my bed, and enjoying a weekend off with my hubby.  We don't get many weekends off together, and I wanted to make sure I was "present" at home, and not constantly looking at my phone.  

Friday night, I did stay up late working to get everything ready for the week ahead.  Saturday morning, I slept in until almost noon, and then spent the afternoon spring cleaning and working about the house.  I cleaned windows, dusted with actual Pledge and a Cloth (not just swiffer), cleaned the cabinets, vaccumed, etc.  Matt worked in the yard.  We then headed to dinner, made a trip to Lowes, Home Goods, back to Lowes, and then the grocery store.  By the time we got home, we were tired!

Sunday was filled with church, which is always the highlight of my weekend.  I just love our church, and the members are incredible.  Several members are going through some very deep valleys these days, and I love that our church prays and serves these members to our greatest ability.  After church we ran a few errands, and then headed home to work on the landscaping.  We planted new plants, a tree (that we named "Jimmy"), and put down all new mulch.  My hubby is incredible in the yard, and I am so thankful I have a hubby that enjoys and is willing to work around the house.  

After all the yard work, we grilled out and took the evening off to rest and relax.  

It may not seem like we did much this weekend; however, bc we get so few weekends off together, this weekend was just perfect.

Love'n this song from the Target Commercials - Perfect for Summer!!

In other news, I am participating in a 5 Weeks, 5 Disciplines Challenge.  The Goal is to develop five (5) new disciplines in your life over the next five (5) weeks.  I missed the first week, but being the overachiever that I can be, I thought I would combine Week #1 and Week #2 into this week.  

The 5 areas of Discipline are:

Mind, Body, Spirit, Work & Time

So, there goes. 

Week #1 - The Body
Elizabeth Elliot writes: The Christian’s body houses not only the Holy Spirit Himself, but the Christian’s heart, will, mind and emotions – all that plays a part in our knowing God and living for Him…the body was a gift to me.  Whether I will thank God for it and offer it as a holy sacrifice is for me to decide.”

Week #1 Goal:  Name one healthy habit that you would like to work on establishing in your life over the next 5  4 weeks.  It could be cutting back on junk food, fast food, or soda pop.  It could be to exercise more, drink more water, or get more sleep.

My goal for the next 4 weeks is the incorporate 20 minutes of cardio into my life each day, eliminate all sodas from my diet, and get seven (7) hours of sleep a night.   

Week #2 - Time Management 
Time management, a highly developed science today, begins for the Christian with time set aside for God.  Other things cannot fall into a peaceful order if this is omitted.” - Elizabeth Elliot says in her book Discipline-The Glad Surrender

This concept is so true.  Many of you may remember writing about trying to find balance in my blog post on Friday; however, true balance, time management, and peace comes from spending time each day with the Lord.  And, I have to be VERY honest, this one discipline has taken a back burner over the last several months.  I have found that I stay up way too late working, which leads me to sleeping in; therefore, not having enough time for quiet time in the mornings.  

Sleep is very important; however, I must get in the bed at a descent hour.  Which will lead me to waking up and wanting to spend time with the Lord. 

“There is always enough time to do the will of God.”~Elizabeth Elliot

'I love schedules.  God created us as creatures of habit and we see in creation a natural rhythm as the sun sets and rises day after day and the seasons change one after another every.single.year.

There are some things set into our weeks that we can’t escape.  We all have to cook, clean and do laundry.  So why not create a rhythm in our homes to accomplish the mundane, so we are free to enjoy fun, family and fellowship!' 

Here’s an example of a cleaning schedule, I really like:

The only change I would is Mondays, I usually do this on the weekends, when I have time to organize my list and take my time making the menus, going to the food store, and then preparing the food for the busy week ahead. 

So, my goal is this week is to get all my "To-Do" Lists (Home, Work, Ministry, Friends Events, Community Involvement etc.) organized into one MAJOR list, and broken up into days of the week.  Also, to incorporate a weekly cleaning schedule into each day.  This will allow me more free time on the weekend, so I am not cleaning all day Saturday.  

Those are my two goals of the week.  Let me know if you have any time management or health tips!! 

Have a great week!


Kristina said...

all my lists into one is something I need to do too. thanks

Joyfull said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! I'm a week behind on the 5 Disciplines too, but couldn't fit both weeks in one post! Loved reading your thoughts, prayers and blessings to reach your goals during this study.

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