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Sometimes Things Are A Little Much..........

Good Morning Friends!!  The above pic perfectly describes how I feel this morning as I approach the day.  My "To-Do" list is a little INSANE, and yesterday was a complete wash of being productive.  Monday started with unplanned meetings, followed by a host of "media requests," then followed by forgetting to save a document before I closed it, and having to work two more hours to complete the report.  Sheesh........I couldn't get a break. 

Which brings us to this morning, and that "To-Do" list that didn't get touched on Monday.  I haven't scheduled any meetings today, so I am hoping praying that I can get some "to-do list" work done today.  Its a lot, but I absolutely love it.  Some would call me a work-a-holic, but I will call it life. Not complaining here, just wondering if anyone knows how it feel to have more "to-do" than hours in the day.  LOL!! 

This to will pass!! 

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Chef Ry said...

I totally understand!! My 'To-Do' list seems way bigger then the hours in the day! There are times where I have no idea where to start its overwhelming, but once you get going it seems to spark a fire and you just get it done.

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