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Top 10 Tuesday...........Weightloss

Losing several lbs is my top priorities these days.  With my BFF's wedding this summer, along with not enjoying the way I feel or look, and a beach vacation in my near future its time to get down to business and get some weight off. 

So, this week, I thought I would kick off Top 10 Tuesday.  This week's topic.......Weightloss.  Below are 10 Things I Need To-Do to Get My Eating Back on Track to Losing the lbs, because as we all know eating healthier is 85% of the battle! 

1. Say No to Soda, Even If It Says Diet

 2. Say no to pre-meal add ons: Bread, Chips & Salsa, Etc. 

3. Eliminate Going Out to Lunch- I am guilty of taking my lunch to work, then by 11:30 a.m. I am anxious to get out of the office, and before I know it I am out to lunch at one of my favorite downtown eateries. 

4.Eat a Good Breakfast- Lots of Fiber is a MUST!!  And, even a little coffee is good too, to get the body going. 

5. Eat SLOWER!

 6. Eat on Smaller Plates

 7.Getting Enough Sleep.  Not too much or too little. 
(Goal 7-8 hours per night.)

 8. Say NO to eating late at night.  Stop eating at 8:00 p.m.

9.  Say NO to "making it a combo" at restaurants. 
Just get the entree.

 10.  Say NO to fast food. 

This is my get-fit plan for this week!!  Each week, I hope to add on a few more "must-dos" until I drop the pounds I want to lose.  How about you, any get fit secrets that have worked for you?

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