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Tuesday's Random Update

This week has been busy, and its only Tuesday.  With work meetings going into the night, hosting a travel media writer, church events, and a host of other responsibilities, this gal is exhausted.  However, in the same breath I realize how blessed I am to have such a FULL life.  This past weekend was GREAT!!  Laney and I headed to Georgia for some shopping in ATL!!  We had a great time with her family, and we got a lot of shopping done.  I picked up some fun items for the house, and even squeezed in a few things for my wardrobe as well.  

And, this weather is incredible.  Today it was in the 70s, and with NO HUMIDITY.  It was just perfect.  Matt and I headed to dinner, and we laughed the entire time.  I am so blessed to have an incredible husband, who makes me feel so loved and cherished!!  

In other blog randomness, I have slacked on the photo challenge.  I thought it would be fun to update the last week in one post:

March 5 - A Smile. This is my co-worker Jenn getting ready to a bid.  Its a long story; however, she always makes me laugh!!  (She is doing her Angelina Jolie pose)

March 6 - 5 p.m.  - I rarely leave work at 5 p.m., and this was my desk as I wrapped up some work projects.  

March 7 - Something I Wore - Okay, I cheated and took this pic this afternoon.  New Bracelet I bought over the weekend, from a fun store called Versona.  

March 8 - Window - My View from My Office!

March 9 - Red - I like the red scarf on my purse!  I enjoy accessories with pops of colors; however, I run away from any color in my wardrobe. LOL!


March 10 - Loud - This is a performance called Tennessee Shines at the Visitor Center last night.  (Cheated again, since I forgot to take pics over the weekend.)

March 11 - Someone You Talked To Today - My BFF Tiff.  We are planning wedding showers and girls weekend!!  So excited! (Okay......this pic was taken a couple of years ago; however, it makes me smile, bc Tiff and I always have so much fun together!!)

March 12 - Fork - Dinner at a new Mexican Restaurant Matt and I tried.  It seems I get a salad everywhere I go these days!!

March 13 - A Sign - This was the sign I saw when I walked into work this morning.  The radio station located in our building is hosting a new event on Monday nights, and is applying for a beer permit.  I though the question asking about dancing was funny. 

Hope your having a great week!!!  Have a good one my friends!!

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