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Where Have I Been???

 Favorite Look of the 2012 Golden Globes

I left work this evening at 7:00 p.m., and on the drive home I realized it was Friday!  Sheesh...........where is my head at these days?  And.............I know many of you have been wondering where have I been, and where are the blog updates?  And, the answer is simple - WORK.  Over the past six (6) weeks, my life has been consumed by work.  And, I won't go into details; however, I am feeling like I'm going through "fair season" all over again!!  Ha!!

And, because of my long days, I simply have not have the engery or want to update my blog.  I tried a picture project from my IPHONE to my blog, but I am not getting into the routine of that yet.  Still working on that! 

As for the weekend, I am hoping that REST is my future.  I would love to spend Saturday sleeping in, working out, bible devotion, cleaning house, grocery shopping, errands, and most of all spending time with my HUBBY!!!  (That would be PERFECTION!!)  Oh, and a little TV Watching to catch up with my DVR. 

The only good news with the busyness of my schedule, that the scale has been kind to me with a weightloss of nearly 10lbs since the beginning of the year.  WOOHOO!!   That is always nice.  

I hope you ladies have a GREAT weekend, and I promise to plan a few fun post for the upcoming week!!

Much Love!! 

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emily said...

Hope you get some much needed rest! Congrats on the 10llbs! That's awesome.

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