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Making A List....Checking It Twice!!

A few weeks ago, I made a Christmas List that I was eager to complete. Click here to read the list!  And, even though I have been under the weather for a few days, I thought I needed to start posting all things I am crossing off my list.  

First Up.......Christmas Cards!!  

A few week's ago, I came up with a fun idea for our 2011 Christmas Cards, and quickly put it together and ordered the cards.  I love the way they turned out, and also thought I would give you a little peak into our cards of Christmas' Past:

 2007 - Celebrating Our Wedding!

2008 - Celebrating All Things Jimmy! 
We love Buffett music, and this card fit one of our favorite pics from the year!

2009 - A little formal, a little fun!!

2010 - Pics from the Year!!! 

2011 - Celebrating 15 Years Since We Met!!  

I just love going to the mailbox and getting all the fun cards from all my close friends and family. I just love this time of year!!!


Whitney of Washington said...

I LOVE Christmas cards! Going to mailbox every evening makes me so happy to see pics of family and friends! I love that you've saved pics of each of yours. This year is very cute! Happy 15 years! :)

BeckyJo606 said...

I love your Christmas cards over the years! I can't believe you've been together for 15 years! What a wonderful thing! :)

♥Jess said...

A Accessory Swap is FO REALLLL happening over at my place.

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