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Keep'n It Real......

For the past few weeks, I have been feeling like my blog was lacking a “real” entry.  One that gave an update on life, for my close and friends and family who read faithfully day after day.  And, even a "real" update for my blog friends too, because there is more to me than putting together outfits, decorating my home, and “linking up” with other blogs.  So, I decided to take a moment, and give a update on my life and give a little insight to what's really going on.  

Without further adieu……. an update:

Life in Knoxville is great.  I still know this is where we are supposed to be living.  We have great jobs, a wonderful church, making lots of new friends, and still only two-hours from home.  We are loving our new home, and settling in quiet nicely.  I have been amazed about how many of our close friends and family stop by and spend the weekend with us.  I love seeing everyone, and truly enjoyed hosting each weekend.  Simply Bliss!! 

 Melanie & I in 2007......So happy she and her hubby visited, a few weeks ago, for a wknd before they move to Swiss-land!

We are staying active in our church, Northstar.  We both serve on the greeting and welcome team, and I also serve on the Women’s Ministry Leadership Team.  I am also staying very involved with a variety of community and civic organizations.    

 Can't Wait to Spend Time With This Crew Over the Holidays!  
Love them so much!!

As the holidays approach, I am getting more and more excited to spend some much needed time with my close friends and family.  Over the next few weeks, I am hoping we can get our home decorated, Christmas Cards designed and mailed, and our Christmas shopping lists together.  (Those are obtainable goals......right???)  

In other thoughts, we are often asked when we will begin a family, and I can honestly say within the next two to three years.  We love being married, getting settled into our home, and pursuing our careers.  I am honestly trusting the Lord with this area of my life with everything in me.   I need to get serious about my diet and exercise, and want to be a healthy and energized mom. I’m working each day to that goal.  I am beginning to LOVE exercise again, and looking forward to all that is ahead.  

I’ve spent the last few weeks studying the Word of God on two simple topics:  discipline and self-control.   

I’ve been reminded that:
  • “Apart from the Lord, I am nothing.” (John 15:5)
  • To delight myself in the Lord, I must Worship Him, Wait on Him, Tell Him I Need Him, Tell Him I am Nothing Without Him, Tell Him I Cannot Succeed Without Him, AND (then), He will give me the desires of my heart. 
I will not have to struggle to get the desires fulfilled. He will give them to me, because my desires will be His desires for me.  Awwww……….I cannot tell you how in love I am with my Savior.  

I am also striving to live an excellent life.  For years, I strived for perfection.  Always wanting the outside to look like everything was perfect on the inside.  Yet, through daily sanctification in the Word of God, I’ve come to understand what an excellent life looks like.
  • Always going the extra mile. 
  • Obeying God in the Little Things (Arriving to work early, picking things up (even if I did not put it there), being a good steward of my "things," keeping an organized home, getting my work office organized and clean, etc.)
  • Never taking the easy way out.
  • Doing the hardest first
And, I have come to recognize and understand that the life I desire requires self-control and discipline.  These are two things that I believe the Lord gives every believer in seed form, and we must water that seed with the Word of God, prayer, and daily quiet time with my Jesus. 

All in all, life is going great.  I am so overwhelmed by all the blessings the Lord has given me.  And, yes, I face challenges each day with so many things (self-doubt, should I spend or save money, anxiety, eating, decisions, etc.) yet, I am trusting the Lord with every area in my life.  Because I know the Lord is with me.

I hope you enjoyed this "real" update.  I hope to open up more and let you know what's on my heart and share what the Lord is doing in my life. 

Have a great rest of the week!!  


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Whitney of Washington said...

I love your thoughts on obeying God in the "little things". Definitely a good reminder. :)

Have a great day!

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