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We're Back!!!

We are back from our long-weekend DC getaway, and we had such a great time.   We loaded up our luggage on Wednesday night, and headed home.  After a delicious home cooked meal, we visited with both families, and then hit the road with Jamie and Kristy on our way to DC.  We had a great time, and Matt and Jamie got to experience their first subway rides.  

Highlights & Memories from our trip included: 
  • Kristy driving us to DC in the Mini, and no driving drama until literally the last minute of the trip. "Stupid Valet Man" asking her to back out in traffic.  
  • Spending $50 on Metro Tickets for 2 1/2 days of riding! 
  • My new name is "Herb," because I cannot pronounce the seasoning correctly.
  • Seeing the Washington Monument in every picture Kristy took. 
  • Seeing the original American Flag that inspired Frances Scott Key to write the Star Spangled Banner
  •  Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown Band Concert - AMAZING!!
  • Going the opposite direction of the crowd heading to the Metro, just to guarantee we had a seat!
  • Walking a minimum of 10 miles a day.....oh my feet were not happy at night.
  • Seeing my "Big Sis" and having lunch Saturday afternoon! 
  • DC Cupcakes - and the surprise when the ones Kristy bought all turned over!
  • Matt calling Uncle Kracker "Uncle Krackie" on accident, and watching Kristy aspirate on her chip.  (I laughed so hard, I know I lost oxygen to my brain for several moments.)
  • Finally, enjoy another "home cooked" meal when we got back and enjoying sharing our stories from the trip with our family.  Priceless!!  I truly loved spending another long weekend with three people who I love so very much!!  Always love traveling with my hubby and Jamie and Kristy!! 
We had a great time, and I always like blogging about our trips, so I will have a great memory our trips.  And, here are a few phone pics of our trip:

DC Traffic Gotta Love It! 

 Metro Rides!! 
Metro Ride Back from Concert = INSANE!!

 Jamie driving us home!
 Matt fearing for his life!
Kristy entertaining us on the way home!!  

Finally, I will leave you with one my favorite new Kenny Songs. 

Have a great week, and I will return tomorrow with normal blogging posts! 

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Brittany said...

$50 on a metro pass?! Please tell me that is not per person. We are going in August and I never thought to look at the metro pass prices!

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