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The Story Behind this Picture..........

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Today on "Show Us Your Life" the topic is Mission Trips, and I felt like today was a great time to describe the Story Behind this picture...........

Miami Mission Trip - 2005

Each year on December 31st, I post this pic, and celebrate the Anniversary of my Walk with Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit in my Life. Yet, I have never described what, who, or where this picture is.............

In the Summer of 2005, I ventured to Miami,Florida with a group of 40+ student and adults for a 10 day long mission trip. We participated in street ministry in Little Havana Miami and Little Jamaica. Each night, we would host services for the communities to attend. The temperature was around 100 degrees, and the humidity was nearly suffocating. On our last night of the Community Events, in Little Havana, I group of students had finished a drama video for the illustrated sermon, when a young girl came and stood next to me. She kept edging closer and closer as our Pastor began the alter call. Before, I knew it, the Lord gave me boldness to ask this little girl about Jesus. We talked for a few moments, and as one thing led to another, the Lord used me to lead this child to Christ. PTL. I was so overjoyed that God would allow me to be used in such mighty mighty ways.

What about my past? My college days? My bad decisions? What about the snobby attitude I had in high school? What about the stress I've caused people? Why would Jesus use me??? I did not deserve to be used? Yet, I soon realized that through all those "bad decisions" and "lifestyles" that the Lord was truly bringing Victory in my life.

And, I have never been the same since the day this picture was taken. And the Lord has used me to lead more people to Jesus. Yet, every time I look at this picture it is almost overwhelming to see where He has has brought me, especially over the past 10 years.

May Our God Receive the Glory.

Have a great weekend!!!


harmonysong said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful picture!

Tara G. said...

That is a precious testimony!

Suzanne said...

What an amazing story, Kim! Thanks for sharing. God is so good. :)

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