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Sometimes All You Need is a Little God Time.......

I am so excited about this weekend. Last night, I made a "To-Do" list for the weekend, and after I finished I was a little overwhelmed, but I knew I could accomplish everything if I did not sleep in and have a lazy Saturday morning. I asked the Lord to wake me early, and after 7 1/2 hours of good peaceful sleep, my eyes opened to an early morning.

I feel great today, and I cannot escape the fact that spending lots of time in the Word this morning has revitalized my soul and encouraged me so very much. I love that the Word of God can do that every time I open those precious pages. I cannot wait to share with you in a few days on what the Lord is doing in my life through the Book of Numbers. Who knew I could fall more and more in love with His Word, sometimes I wish I could just camp out with Jesus and his Word all day.....wouldn't that be just simply amazing.

I hope each of you are having a great weekend. I am looking forward to spending this afternoon and tomorrow with my hubby. That's why my To-Do list is sooo long, because I want to be finished with everything soon, so I can finally unwind and relax from this past week and its craziness.

Happy Saturday!! Enjoy a song that has truly blessed me today:


Erin said...

I love a good productive day, especially a day when you know you're pleasing the Lord! I hope tomorrow is just as fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day! To do lists are so satisfying to check off!

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