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Happy Valentine's Day to Me........Its Really Quiet Here!!

I love Valentine's Day. (Cliche.....I know.) I just enjoy celebrating a day that is decorated in pink and red (two of my favorite colors) and getting to show those who mean the most to me how much you love them.

This week I have been putting the finally touches on my husbands Valentine's Day Gift. In fact, part of his gift came in the mail this weekend, and I couldn't resist not giving it to him. However, after really looking at my motives for buying this gift, I can honestly say that the gift was more for me than him.

Now you may be wondering why I bought him headphones. These are not just any headphones. Nooooo.........these are the greatest headphones ever invented!! They go to the Xbox and are surround sound and wireless. Now if your husband or boyfriend does not play XBOX, you may not be able to relate; however, if your significant other enjoys winding down from his day and playing the games that go bang, bang, shoot-'em up that cause more noise than 10 kids playing in your house......then this pair of headphones will become your bestest friend.

I was so eager to order these headphones last week, that when they came in over the weekend, I quickly handed them over to my hubby. I don't think I have ever seen a bigger smile (on either of our faces). Needless to say, I believe the gift was more for me than for him, because our home is soooo quiet these days and I'm love it. I got quietness and he got surround sound and his Xbox.....perfect!!!

I was feeling very successful after finishing all my V-Day shopping over the weekend, however last night as I left the nail salon I ran into the best thing EVER!!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Lollypops. At Christmas we bought three BIG boxes, and before I knew what I was doing, I was buying a small box of the Lollypops last night. (All they had were the small boxes.) My fascination with these treats are because their only sold in Knoxville at Christmas and Valentine's Day. I am hoping they will come back at Easter.

When my husband came home last night, I told him not to worry about buying me anything for Valentine's Day........because I had everything I needed. A quiet home and a great dessert - Perfect Combination.

Have a great Valentine's Day Week!!!

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