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One Down, 65 To Go............

Successfully, I have finished reading through the first of 66 Books of the Bible. I am amazed by the group of women God has placed together ONLINE to take this journey together. Its still not too late to join in, you can click here and jump on into Exodus today.

I wanted to share my Top 4 Things I took away from this study of Genesis:

1) Those God uses Greatly seem to Greatly Battle Fear. (Gen. 26:24, Gen 46:3, Gen 15:1)

2) Nothing is More Isolating than Grief.

3) Jacob is a good picture of how God changes people, SLOWLY, through problems in their lives and failures on their part, and an infinite amount of patience and grace on God's part.

4) Communication is the essence to every relationship.

These four things that really brought clarity and comfort to my journey with the Lord at this stage in my life.

Have a great rest of the day. I am looking forward to getting our house back in order after being gone for the long weekend, and getting organized for the week.

Happy Monday!!

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