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In for the Weekend

Its Official.........we are in for the weekend. After a week full of media hype and lots of discussion, the freezing rain and snow has hit Knoxville. Our office was closed Friday, however, I had made plans to attend a Legislative Brunch. As I headed out Friday morning with temps in the 40s and no snow or rain in sight I truly questioned if the weather would turn bad.

However, by the time the Brunch was over I had developed a horrible headache, and made my way home to spend the afternoon in bed. Matt headed home early from work, and picked up dinner on the way home. I was thankful not to cook, and after relaxing after dinner my headache began to feel a little better, which led me to make a short to-do list for the weekend:

  • Clean and Organize "Catch All" drawer in bathroom
  • Organize cabinet in bathroom
  • Laundry
  • Wash Linens in Guest Bathrooms
  • Clean Bathrooms
  • Vacuum & Dust Home
  • Finish reading Exodus by Sunday (only 15 more chapters to go)
  • Finish reading 'Fearless' by Max Lucado
  • Yoga Workout
  • Watch Valentino Documentary
I'm looking forward to getting things done around our home this weekend. Matt is in for the weekend too, which is a nice relief not worrying about either of us driving.

Hope you stay warm and safe this weekend, and if your wondering about the above picture, it is from the Ice Bears game last night. The Ice/Snow is FORBIDDEN to be touched........(and no I'm not touching, its just the way the pic looks!)

Happy Weekend!!


Kate said...

Oh the good old Ice Bears! We used to go to those games. Does that one guy still go, he gets up and dances in his seat! He is hilarious! I am sure everything is shut down in K-Town. One year it snowed and our school shut down, everyone lived on campus! But we still cancelled classes! Enjoy your weekend at home, and find some time to relax in there!!

Somethings Gotta Give said...

Yes, the man still dances.....he was funny on Thursday. And, yes you are right, Knoxville is shut down, but a perfect weekend to clean around the house and spend time with my hubby.

Have a great weekend.


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