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This Week I............

I know! I know!  I did a five on Monday post, but lets face it I was really trying to get my blog updated and record some of the fun times over the past few weeks.  Today is a recap on this week, and lets just say a lot can happen in 5 days.

1.  Well Hello Knoxville.  
I cannot believe we moved from Knoxville over 2 1/2 yeas ago.  How time speeds by at a warp speed.  Matt and I really did enjoy living in Knoxville, and it truly still feels like our second home.  I had the opportunity this past week to spend a few days in Knoxville for Southeast Tourism Society's Spring Symposium.  It was sooo good to see some of my favorite faces, and catch up.  I also received my TMP certification too. 

2. Spring Fever 
With April starting today, its time to start thinking about spring flowers!!! We have a few flowers that we need to add to our front porch flower bed, and I am just researching away trying to determine the best options.

3. New furniture
We ordered new furniture a few weeks ago, and almost all of it arrived this week. One new addition, is our new mattress.  We only had our old mattress a few years, but it was just tooo soft and I just couldn't get comfortable anymore.  I ended up spending most nights in our guest bedroom, just so I would sleep a little more.  We also got this new bedroom suite for our guest bedroom suite.  I cannot wait to start re-decorating that room.
4. New App
Okay, I love, love, love the new app called Texture.  I started using it several weeks ago and its so awesome.  It gives you access to 100s of magazines at your finger tips.  This is perfect for someone like me who loves magazines, but hates to clutter.


5. April Playlist 
Be sure to check out my April 2017 playlist.

Happy Weekend Friends! 

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