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100 Ways to be Elegant - Post #3 (21-30)

I am back for the third installment of easy ways to add class back into our lives.  Here are 10 more ideas to help add a little elegance and etiquette to each day.  

 21. Practice quality over quantity
In everything, don't settle.  Take time and always select quality over quantity.   It will last longer and be more reliable in the long run. 

22.Remember that it’s more important to be kind than it is to be right
You will never regret being kind to someone.  Always choose kindness, and when you are angry or frustrated, keep your mouth shut. 

23.  Sip your drink
This is one I am working on.  I often want to inhale my drink in two seconds, and get a quick refill.  As a lady, we should sip our drinks and be a little less rushed to drink them.  

24. Chew each bite 20 times
Speaking of food, its also important to chew your food at least 20 times per bite.  This will help make you feel fuller faster and longer. 

25. Learn how to wear a scarf
Scarves are truly elegant and make any women seem more put together and lady-like.  Here are a few ways to wear scarves in the summer. 

 26.Don’t curse
Its so easy to let profanity slip off our tongues, yet its not something that is attractive at all.  

 27.  Serve coffee or tea after meals
When hosting a party, or having dinner with friends, its so important to have coffee or tea after the meal.  It makes conversation go longer and is a great way to wrap up the event.
 28.Keep your home clean and uncluttered
This should go without saying.  If we begin running out of storage space, its time that we binge all of the clutter from our home.   

29. Have one subdued solid color scheme throughout your home, use accessories to add color
Speaking of home, one of the best advices I've been given lately is to use decor to add pops of colors and keep the rooms a solid neutral color throughout the home.  

 30. Have fresh flowers in your home
Finally, if possible, keep fresh flowers on your decks and front porch, as well as, in your home too.  

Hope you enjoyed these 10 ways to add a little elegance to your life.  

Happy Friday!

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