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100 Ways to be Elegant - Post #1 (1-10)

Often times I wish I had lived in the 1950s and been in my 20s.  There is something so classy and chic about the 50s, when women wore gloves and had impeccable grace and manners. During the 1960s and 1970s, many of the traditional roles of women began to change, and today most women have no clue the basic rules of etiquette and manners.  So, to help me brush up on my southern manners and etiquette, I thought I would embark on series called 100 Ways to be Elegant.  Each week, I will share 10 new ways that I should add a little "grace" and "class" back into my lives.  Enjoy! 

1. Always send thank you notes to everyone. 
Always take time to write a thank you note for even the smallest act of kindness. Thank you notes are perfect to show appreciate for gifts you've receive, kind words someone has said that meant a lot of you, and everything in the between. Investing in a nice set of stationary is key, and a great pen is the perfect way to get motivated to write a kind note to someone. My all time favorite stationary is Crane & Co.  

2. Practice good posture
Stand up and sit up straight. It makes you look so confident and even makes you feel better overall.

3. Speak with purpose, do not babble on and on about nothing

4. Listen without interrupting - I am loving the new book by Karen Ehman called Keep it Shut, it is a perfect guide on how to use your words and when to listen. 

5. Hold doors for everyone, especially older people or people carrying heavy things.

6. Have one signature perfume/cologne

7. Remember birthdays

8. Wear only 2-3 accessories

9. When hosting guests, always have cheese straws and sweet tea to serve.  (Southern Elegance)

10. Read on a variety of topics

What are some of you favorite Etiquette tips?  I would love to hear them!
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