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Happy Happy New Year!! Plus My One Word Resolution!

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Hello Friends!!!  Happy 2013! I am so excited to start a new year!!   I am so excited about starting a new year, as I have a lot of hopes and dreams for this year!! 

One of things I find myself doing this time of year is looking back over the year and thinking of ways I can approve for the coming year.  However, as I sat down and thought about "resolutions," I have decided to change it up this year and focus on my actions towards others and really thinking about how I treat others.

As many of you know I took a couple of weeks off from regular blogging, and during that time I found myself reading through Facebook, Twitter, and other blogs to get caught up with what was going on with "everyone."  And, one of the things I immediately noticed were the WORDS people were using to express their emotions and experiences.  Most of the updates and status mentions were filled with complainants or random feelings people were having, which got me thinking about my updates and posts.  I soon realized that I fell right into that category.  Not many of my updates were uplifting or encouraging, or at least not enough for me to feel that I was leaving a positive impact on others through my "words."  Most of my posts were about random things that happened to me that day, and just blah or boring. 

Then, I came across a video that put everything into perspective.  This young man was around my age, he was a husband, a son, a father, and a worship pastor.   He was killed around Thanksgiving a few months ago in a horrific bicycle accident.  They showed the following video at his funeral.  It was the things he had written on social media this year.  WOW.  Watch it.

This video was so encouraging to me. Andrew shared Jesus every chance he got, and this really made me ask myself if I was using Social Media and my words throughout the day to encourage those around me? Am I doing all I can do to encourage those around me.  To send a friend a quick text to let her know I am thinking and praying for her, or to call someone I haven't seen in a while and ask how they are doing? 

My prayer and "ONE WORD" resolution is - To encourage and uplift those around me.

Let's live our life with no regrets so when we are gone - we will be remembered for the words we said.

Happy New Year!! 

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