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I have to be honest in saying that last week almost kicked my butt.  I think everything caught up with me in one big tidal wave of exhaustion and stress, and it definitely took its tole. After lots of tears (which I never do) and lack of sleep throughout the entire week, I was ready for the weekend.  

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Friday night I got home from work around 8pm, ordered Pizza, and watched the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics.  Lots of people on Twitter were not to happy with how London openned the games; however, this gal LOVED IT!!  Of course, I think one of the reasons I enjoyed it was credited to my co-watcher friend, Laney who was an awesome friend and endulged me in a night of Olympic watching, even though she knows NOTHING ABOUT SPORTS.  She had me laughing ALL NIGHT! 

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Saturday was a quiet day, filled with cleaning, bible study, and lots of napping.  Matt and I headed to Marlin Ray's for dinner and then ran several errands.  Sunday we slept in, I cooked breakfast, and then we headed to church.  After church we headed to the grocery store and then home for a nice quiet afternoon. 

All-in-all, my weekend was nice and quiet, and I am ready for the week ahead.  

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Oh, and the best news of ALL - my mom got some GREAT news on Friday, and the surgery she had last week removed 100% of the cancer.  Our family is very very relieved, and praising the Lord for healing my mom. 

So honored that the Lord sustained us through the entire process.

Happy Monday!

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Chef Ry said...

I think you and I are in the same boat, just different waters. I cried twice last week and once the week before. You know how rare that happens! I know I need to do a better job at taking care of myself, it's just hard when there is so much to get done.

Praise the Lord for the good news!!! I know that is a huge relief.
We need to catch up sometime soon.

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