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Lessons I've Learned During the Storm.......


Its no secret that the past six (6) weeks have been incredibly hard.  Work has totally consumed my life, and I find myself smiling each day that my name is NOT in the paper or on TV.  Ha!!  I never would have guessed a year and half ago when I took this job that my professional skills, faith, and self will would be tested at such a  high level.  I never would have guessed at the beginning of December that the company, that I was so proud of, would take a beating day after day after day, to the point that to recover will probably test me more than the battle we are currently in. 

Yet, during this time, I have learned some very valuable lessons.  And, since I use this blog to chronicle my life, I wanted to share: 

1. Trust is a very strong word.  Trust your gut when faced with hard decisions. 

2. Integrity is ALL you have.  Stay true to yourself, and be up front and honest in every conversation.

3. Smile - it hides the pain, frustration, and exhaustion you are feeling.

4. Be Helpful and Build a Great Raport with the Media - I've gained new work-relationships with several key members of the media, and hopefully as we move to rebuild our brand in the community, these relationships will help.

5. Be Kind - Everyone involved is stressed.
6. Commit to working 14+ hours a day, the hard work will pay off! (Also the on-the-job training is more experience than I ever thought I would get at my age.)

7. Say Thank You to Co-Workers who check the parking lot daily for media people looking to surprise me with on-camera interviews or pictures. 

8. Only Say Words that bring LIFE to people.  Harsh Words that pull people down only hurt the situation.

9. Trust the Lord with ALL YOUR HEART, and never ask Why Me.

10. Believe the Lord will give you favor, peace, and wisdom to carry you through each day. 

11. Take your eyes off the situation, and realize what you're facing has a bigger purpose than just "getting through" this hard time. 

12. Finally, continue to praise God each day.  Thank Him for the trials, and Thank Him for Using You in these times.

Have a blessed week!!


Whitney of Washington said...

Such WONDERFUL advice! :)[p

Chef Ry said...

I have been reading that you have been on a rough road lately, yet thru it you praise the Lord and trust he knows best. I will be praying it continues to get better. Love ya!

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