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I am so excited for this week, I just can't hide it.  The Auction I have been working on for 10+ months is FINALLY here, and on Tuesday night, I will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and be able to get my free time back.  I have a busy Monday planned, with lots of meetings, a luncheon, and even trying to attempt to cook a roast in the crock pot.  Very domestic I know, and I am so excited. 

This pic had my friend Tiffany and I laughing this weekend - because this is sooo her in the mornings!
 Speaking of being domestic, I actually spent most of my weekend at home.  My best friend, Tiffany, came to Knoxville to visit and she and I had a great time just chill'n around the house.  I was glad she was happy to stay at home, and even though we ran a few errands, our time was spent in the Davis casa.  We got to catch up and talk about everything, and after she left on Sunday, I quickly got my work schedule organized, laundry started, dinner made, and then off to church.  I just love Sundays, and so glad my hubby was home too!!

Next weekend, I am hoping to get a few pictures hung, the guest closet organized, and a few things done around the house!  Our house is almost settled into, and once we get things in there place, then we can begin decorating!  Which makes me excited!!

On another note.  I have been studying the last few weeks on Godly Discipline and Self-Control, and one area in my life that I struggle is exercising.  I used to enjoy being active, hitting the gym, etc. However, over the past few years, my activity level has decreased to nothing.  Through the study in Word, the Holy Spirit has really prompted me get things I dread done first in the day, and then everything else will be down hill.  I have been slowly incorporating exercise back into my life, and this week I am going to knock it up a notch, with AM workouts.  Here is my plan:

However, since I need to burn major calories (which, equals burning major fat), I am aiming for 45-60 minutes of cardio, and then the simple weight workout. That's my plan, and I can't wait to let you know next week, how things are going. 

Have a great week!!

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