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Labor Day Weekend Recap & Wednesday Loves.........

This weekend was incredible!!  Exhausting, but incredible.  Friday evening, after work, Matt and I headed out for a little shopping and dinner.  We scored some great clearance items we needed for the house, and picked up a few groceries for tailgating. 

This Random Guy in our section made balloon animals........and, we scored a Smokey! 

Saturday morning, Jamie and Kristy arrive early, and we took off for tailgating.  Mistake...........maybe?  The temp. was 99 degrees the entire time, and we couldn't move.  After 5 hours of hot, hot, hot weather, we headed to the game, to be greeted with a monsoon.  

We were lucky to have seats that were covered, thank you Ryana, and got minimal wet.  After a long game delay, we enjoyed a Vols victory, and made it home to hot showers and late night snacks.

Sunday morning, I got up early, and headed down to Boomsday for last minute set-up.  After working with all media I was able to enjoy the Festival.  The event went great, even despite the rain.  Again, we returned home, to hot showers and late night snacks. 

Monday was wonderful, even though I wasn't feeling GREAT.  I think the crazy weekend weather had taken its toll on me.  We slept in, I then worked with Kristy to pick out a few pieces of jewelry I would like to included in my fall wardrobe, and then Ryana came over and caught us up on her plans to live in Cambodia for two years, beginning in November.  She had several purses and scarves that were made by young ladies in Cambodia, and I decided to buy a few scarves. 

Monday afternoon was spent resting and sleeping, still wasn't feeling 100%, and then I looked dinner for my church parents (which, they surprisingly least that is what they said), and then headed to bed. 

Tuesday was spent resting.  I had intended of working, but woke up with a HORRIBLE headache in the middle of the night, that literally ran me over. I slept until 3pm-ish, and then spent some much needed time in Bible Study and Prayer.  I also love that when life gets a little too chaotic, I can still my soul and the Lord truly brings me an amazing sense of peace, prospective, and wisdom.  
And, since its Wednesday, I thought I would quickly catch up on what I am loving these days...........

1. Love that my screen saver on my phone changes every month.  Visit Ashley Brooke Designs to get your September Download.

2.  Loving these Fall Shoes!!  Hoping to get a couple of pairs soon, my shoe collection needs a few updates. 

3. My Church Small Group!!  We absolultly love the group of new friends the Lord has blessed us with, and looking forward to what the Lord has in store for our precious group. 

4. Fall Temps.  Thanks to Tropical Storm Lee we got lots of rain, that cooled down the temps.  I am loving the cool crisp air!!  Ready for sweaters and coats!!  My favorite season!!!  
Have a great Wednesday!!


Pamela said...

Fall is my favorite season too! Cute shoes!

Andrea said...

Love those shoes!

Kit said...

Great things you are loving today :)

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