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Another Saturday Night

This is a self portrait I drew in the 3rd Grade.......and I found it recently on FACEBOOK!! I did not post it; however, someone in my 3rd grade class decided to post pictures from the past and he uploaded our "Self Portrait Year Book" into the Facebook Album. I couldn't believe my drawing skills were so good back then.......HA!!! Sadly to say, they have not gotten any better.

I also had this picture posted for good times sake:

Classy I know, Senior Prom and I am acting like a......Monkey? Don't ask.


Day 3 of Cabin Fever is almost over and I am happy to say that I did venture out today. I picked up my copy of "66 Love Letters" for my online Bible Study I began on January 1st in my quest of reading through the Bible in the Year. I've already read the first chapter, and I think its going to be a challenging yet rewarding book when I finish.

I also started my Baby Shower shopping. A good friend of mine is having a baby soon, and I am throwing a Baby Shower later this month. I just love hosting parties, and want everything to be perfect. I went to three stores to compare paper plates and themes. No I am not cheap, I just want to make sure the theme of the plates is perfect at mixing the color scheme I have going on. If anyone knows of a good place in the Knoxville or Tri-Cities area to look for paper products and decorations please let me know. I hope to get the plates, napkins, cups, and decorations this week, along with working on the flower centerpiece and ordering the balloons.

I am also working on putting together dinner plans for next weekend for a group of close friends who I have not seen in ages, and want to catch up so very much. Sometimes living away from your close friends and family is really hard, but it makes our dinners and get-togethers so much fun.

Well, I am going to go and enjoy a peaceful night at home. My husband is at "Boys Night Out" with a few friends. Looking forward to a movie and quietness. Have a blessed weekend.


Kate said...

Whenever I threw a shower in KnoxVegas I went to the outlets to the party store and got all my stuff there. Plus it gave me another reason to go to the outlets :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Ok this is hysterical! Leave it to facebook to be a blast from the past!

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